To fancy dress or not to fancy dress is the question?

Over the years of the Walkathon there have been so many people who have participated in fancy dress to make the walk just that bit more fun! This year we would absolutely love it if you decided to dress up and stand out from the crowd.

Fancy dress always makes the event more fun for the walkers, aiding your fundraising efforts or purely doing it for the banter!

There is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing what sort of costume to wear and you could spend ages looking through all of the options. Do take note that it is worth reading the description of each item and considering the benefits and disadvantages of the outfit.

You have to remember not all fancy dress will be suitable for the distance, as some may be too thick, heavy or just too warm – just bear in mind that being comfortable is of utmost importance!

On the day we will be running a competition for the best fancy dress. So don’t forget dress to impress!

Here are a few great idea:

Mario & Luigi
Power Rangers
Where’s Wally
118 Guys
Superheroes – there are plenty to choose from